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Belleva _ Blackpool

Tiffy's Story

I purchased Tiffy's Place on St Chads Road, Blackpool of October 2018, before it was due to go to auction. I received the keys of Spring 2019 and until then I had not seen the inside. The house was formerly known as Sovereign House and had not traded for some years. It was boarded up from the outside and even had birds flying around inside. Everything needed to be fixed! But I knew it was the right place for me. I had sold my small terrace house in Leeds and was already managing and working long hours on the street at a venue named 'Golden Sands' that was a family orientated bed and breakfast.

cont ...



I changed the name of the hotel from 'Sovereign House' to Belleva and then during 2023, I changed it once more to 'Tiffy's' Place as I never really bonded with the name Belleva. I got on with the renovation with the help of James, (my youngest son.) Also local friends and tradesmen. During this time lockdown came and local help became scarce. I really did not know whether we would ever get open, as by now funds had almost depleted.


June of 2021 my Dad died in my arms, it was just after midnight on Fathers day, and then I could not go to the funeral since I contracted (the term) Covid. My Dad’s last words were to to go back to Blackpool and get the place open and finish my book. I didn’t mourn, I got on with it and by August 2021 the doors finally opened. I was very close to Dad and regret he never got to see the place during his life. And I must thank Danielle my helper in Blackpool, who has been a rock to me.


It’s been a tough slog but I have fond memories. I am, proud to be on St Chad’s Road and have made some great friends on the street. It’s not easy living and working alone but very liberating. Running such an establishment is a huge responsibility and fortunately to date most of my guests have been adorable. And if it’s not right, let me know during your stay. I am here to help.


Sovereign House (Tiffy's Place, Blackpool) was eleven rooms, some with shared bathrooms. The interior has since been completely restyled. There’s now four double rooms and three suites. Each has something unique to offer. I wanted bath’s in the suites. So there’s a choice of a jacuzzi, an L Shaped traditional bath or a huge relaxation tub. The double rooms have en-suite shower rooms.


A lot of guests come to the house to convalesce or to escape stressful lifestyles. Tiffy's Place is a peaceful house (most of the time.) I am hugely spiritual and work with the energy in the building. I like to promote well being in that we should avoid unnecessary drama and bad intention where possible.


For some months (commencing last winter) Tiffy's Place on St Chads Road closed, since not only did I work on another project, I underwent a distressing account of personal struggle that was not welcome in my life. That said Tiffy's Place proudly re-opened its doors of August 2023 where with my own motivation and help from new people in my life, I found my courage and have since been inundated with bookings with guests old and new. 


I do not currently offer a bar or breakfast. The house is enough and people can come and go as they wish, with the benefit of contactless check in and out. Customer welfare and privacy is of paramount importance, and I take compromise seriously.


I am proud to have won recognition during my time as the owner. It’s not so much about winning but more so taking part. 'Tiffy's Place'  is a loving environment ideal for adults looking for a comfortable, peaceful break in an ambient, comfortable villa guest house, set between the South and Central Piers. It’s been a huge challenge and I am proud of my house and all its mystical character.


The main way to book for convenience is via since it’s fast and simple. Or you can use my contact form. A deposit is required for direct booking which is non-refundable but transferable for a period of three months, if the booking is cancelled within one week of arrival.


Thank You to everyone who helped out during the process and to my guests new and old!


I love to get involved with charitable events, so let me know if you have an upcoming event or raffle. At Tiffy's I am also happy to cater for special occasions in the way of gifts for rooms on arrival for all budgets. Just ask, we are here to ensure your time is appreciated. I may not always get it right but I sincerely try my best.

With Love. X

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