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Handmade Soaps and Wax Melts
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Small Steps Together

The word ‘sustainability’ can be broad in hospitality. Electricity costs an increasing fortune to supply to rooms. Then, with the lurking pandemics, we cannot currently remove all our one-time use plastics, as refreshments and sundries such like tea, coffee milk and sugar, must be individually wrapped to avoid cross contamination.

However, I never buy plastic cups, spoons or one time use toiletries wrapped in non-degradable wrappings. And I offer distilled water in glass bottles in the hallway for guests to take to their room.

At Tiffy's Place I do not offer any food to include breakfast prepared on the property. But I do provide complimentary pre-packed snacks in rooms. Therefore, I am thrilled to have reduced our non-degradable waste. I found by offering inclusive food in my rates people tend to waste more. If they pay for it, they really are hungry and in turn will invest in local eateries and public venues. Furthermore, implementing fresher air running throughout the property.

My lounge/dining area has menus of local takeaways and deliveries of an array of world foods produced locally, for guest to order in and eat at our dining tables with use of my plates and cutlery. All of the menu choices have been tried and tested and come recommended, in favour of small independent businesses. I believe people should come together beyond a street, as one community, instead of driving each other apart with rivalry. I am a proud citizens of South Shore, Blackpool.

Tiffy's Place of Blackpool have reduced household waste by a massive 50%, and now I have my rubbish collected fortnightly. This is because our guests have worked with us to minimise and upcycle their trash.

I encourage guests to hang up their towels as to avoid replacing them each day, and turn off electrical equipment to include lights, when they leave the room. I do have table top fridges in my suites. This however has reduced the desire to provide food and snacks, whilst keep perishable food and drinks cool that guest wish to provide for themselves. I also offer celebration cakes made by a neighbour with a licensed venue.


At Tiffy's Place, I craft my own range of beautiful, natural, hand poured soaps, wax melts and bath fizz made with essential oils and rich, aromatic parfum oils manufactured in the UK. All of which are cruelty free and wrapped in biodegradable packaging. These are also available to purchase exclusively from my craft counter. I am licensed to sell soaps and the melts are CLP Compliant.


I encourage guests to visit us by public transport and my website states Premier Taxis are 100% electric and bicycle hire is available in Blackpool. Also, there is a tram stop named St Chads at the foot of my street on the prom.


I too lead a humble lives in my own space along with my rescue pets.  And 90% of any food prepared (both personal and pleasure) is done so with a small halogen cooker. I never fry my food and love the slow cooker. These small steps all contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. I do find business recycling opportunities slow in Blackpool. But I visit the local skip weekly to dispose of what I am permitted.


I encourage any local artists to approach me if they want to exhibit their work. And I encourage local people to come and paint, craft, or dress a mannequin. (I used to design and sell mannequins, to include plus sized and transgender models). The main piece of art in the lounge area was spray painted by local graffiti artist 'Seca One'. It is a lotus flower symbolising peace and hope. And the up-and-coming UK band 'Alright' used Tiffy's Place to rehearse before they were well known. 


I may meet criticism as of water usage, since my three suites have bathtubs in them. One of the suites used to be three bedrooms. So instead of three ensuite shower rooms, I now have one bath and a shower. Also, whilst I try to be sustainable, I also believe people come here to relax and sitting in water is a great way to relieve both stress, recovery and pain and/or enhance a relaxed stay. My attic suite used to be two bedrooms and two showers. Now it has a spa tub and a shower.


All lightbulbs are LED, and I have thermostats on each radiator, that remain turned off, unless the room is in use. I did have Smart Heating in each bedroom but removed the system, as with Smart Heating I must control the temperature. With individual thermostats the guests can control the heat. I am surprised to learn most guests don’t want it on at al​​l!


I have a suggestion box in the hallway and guests are invited to get involved and many have participated. Public area lighting is controlled by a Smart System that can be operated remotely. So, when the corridors are not in use, I dim the lights. I offer contactless check-in and checkout to improve security and more freedom for guests. Which is time effective for all concerned.


Much of my furniture is upcycled or bought locally. However, with health and safety compliance my soft furnishings carry a fire-retardant certificate and warranty. For larger outlet purchases I try to use Northern Based Franchises. For some essentials, not available close by, I do use Amazon, especially for crating materials. Blackpool is a town not a city, I can often be limited and buying online saves an unnecessary journey farther afield.​


Blackpool has many streets of stay over venues in the same industry, which is unusual for the United Kingdom. We are all entitled to do as we wish regarding our business plans, our crafts and forward focus. Each to their own. St Chads Road and Blackpool itself have some exceptional vacational premises.


At Tiffy's Place, I offer rooms to fund raising causes and charities and have raised money for Liverpool Women’s Hospital, Fylde Coast Women’s Aid and various other causes close to my heart. I am often approached by guests asking to support their fundraisers and so far, I have never declined participation. It is very important to me to be a part of the cycle of giving back.​


Tiffy's Place has a long way to go, and I am always learning, I embrace change and progress. A small business can have a road map - but in hospitality it is very much to the guest to endorse that. I encourage guests to keep the beach clean, respect the seagulls and visit independent venues.

With Love. X

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